logo monterolsUNIVtube is a virtual forum which allows university students from all over the world to engage in a constructive, innovative, and artistic dialogue concerning the relevant issues faced by our global society.

It is being promoted by students and professors of the Colegio Mayor Universitario Monterols, a university residence associated with the University of Barcelona. It is also supported by an advisory committee composed of professionals and teachers from a worldwide scholastic environment.

UNIVtube offers university students the unique opportunity to participate in the UNIV Forum promoted by the Institute for University Cooperation (ICU). Students may compete in the UNIVtube contest by presenting an imaginative video reflection or documentary investigating the topic proposed yearly by the UNIV Forum.


About UNIV

UNIV is an international gathering of university students sponsored by the Institute for University Cooperation (ICU). Since 1968, several thousands of students have spent the Holy Week in Rome, profiting from the cultural and historical riches that the Eternal City has to offer. Throughout the week, ICU organizes cultural encounters, seminars, conferences, exhibitions and concerts which provide students with the opportunity to delve themselves more deeply into important topics relevant to university life or academia, with a particular focus on a spirit of service towards those who are most in need.

This year, the UNIVtube competition will take place on March, 27th in Rome. It will be held in the Palazzo dell’ Apollinare (Piazza di Sant’ Apollinare 49). Out of all the applicants, 10 finalists will be announced at the beginning of the competition. These, in turn, will be given 3 minutes to introduce their videos to the judges prior to playing it. Prizes will be distributed by the end of the day.

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