The awards for the UNIVtube contest are replicas of the famous Pigna Bronzea, located in the Cortile della Pigna at the Vatican Museums. Prizes will be given to:

  1. Best Documentary
  2. Best Short Film
  3. Technical Quality (audio, video, editing).
  4. Creativity (script, technical and imaginative).

No group is eligible for more than one awards.

In addition to the replica of the Pigna Bronzea, the winners of each award will receive the following monetary compensations:

  1. Best Documentary: (TO BE CONFIRMED)
  2. Best fiction Short Film:
  3. Technical Quality:
  4. Creativity:

All participants will receive a diploma.



The four meter high bronze pine-cone can be found by a former Roman fountain in the north section of the Cortile della Pigne. The Pigna originally stood near the Pantheon, from where the popular Roman neighborhood, “il Rione Pigna,” received its name.

It was moved to the courtyard of the old St. Peter’s Basilica during the Middle Age, where it was probably seen by Dante, who, in reference to the giant Nimrod, a mythical king of Babylon, mentions it in the Divine Comedy, in verses 58-59 of Canto XXXI of the Inferno: “La faccia sua mi parea lunga e grossa / come la pina di San Pietro a Roma” (His face appeared to me as long a broad / as is, in Rome, the pine cone at St. Peter’s). It was moved once again in 1608, this time to its present location.

The bronze pine-cone stands on a 3rd century capital, which functions as a pedestal. Its embossed patterns represent the coronation of a winner athlete. It is also flanked by a group of bronze peacocks that were probably acquired from Hadrian’s Mausoleum, which is known Castel Sant’ Angelo. The original relief, dated back to the 2nd century, is displayed in the new wing of the Vatican Museums.