1. To participate you must be a university student attending the 2019 UNIV Forum in Rome.
  2. A maximum of five students are allowed per team. Furthermore, you may seek the advice of a university professor or an expert in the subject matter pertinent to your project. The theme of your project should adhere to the general theme of the 2019 UNIV Forum. For a list of proposed topics, click here.
  3. Each team may present a 5 (3 for the short film) to 10 minute-long documentary o short film. The video may be presented in any language, but must be subtitled in either English, Spanish, or Italian, unless these language are being used in the video (for creative tips and tools to help you build your UNIVtube project, click here).
  4. The registration deadline is March, 29th 2019. To register, follow the instruction below.
  5. In addition, each group must upload his video on Click here for some tips on how to upload your video on YouTube. Finally, each group should send an email to with a link to the uploaded video on YouTube. Within three days after the deadline, the academic committee of UNIVtube will inform each group whether his documentary has been accepted in the contest.
  6. Only one documentary will be accepted per registered group. Documentaries will not be accepted after the deadline.
  7. 10 finalists will be chosen and announced in the beginning of the UNIV Forum in Rome. Each finalist will then be given 2-3 minutes to introduce his documentary prior to playing it.
  8. All groups admitted to the UNIVtube contest must submit to the jury a copy of his documentary in DVD format on the day of the Forum.
  9. Every group registered in the UNIVtube contest agrees to accept the verdict of the jury.


  • Deadline for registration: March, 29th 2019.
  • Deadline for delivering the documentary: April, 2nd 2019.
  • The presentation of the documentaries will be held on April, 16th 2019 in Rome.