With “Return” we intend to make a trip in time. We intend to show the relation nature – human being. The video begins with images of nature until, suddenly, the tread of the man. From that moment, time does not pass: consumed, as it is consumed a cigar in its ashes. Little by little, the human being begins to forget about the other, and fill your life with noise. But is not all there: it is possible to ignite the flame of contemplation. It is possible to stop on a world in motion.

Members of the group:

  • Javier Fraga de la Viesca
  • Quim Cassany
  • Javier Laguia
  • Santi Soriano
  • Luis Guijarro

Consultant: Pablo Martí del Moral

Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona (Spain)

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