UNIVtube keeps growing. This year we want to give you some tips and tools that may help you when writing the script, filming and editing your documentary. Creating a good documentary is not as difficult as you think! You just need a little help and some tools. The rest is start working.

Today, ideas are transmitted in a much more attractive way through audiovisual formats. Because of this,  in UNIVtube we are thrilled with the idea that many university students are capable of transmitting good ideas through good documentaries, arriving at influencing public opinion in our society.

In this blog you will find information categorized: they are short, practical tips! It is appropriate for read carefully before you start writing the script for your documentary. By the way, do not forget, the first thing is the script.

You’ll find 6 categories:

  1. Script (advice on writing a script)
  2. Filming (advice on the filming of a documentary)
  3. Editing (tips for mounting the documentary)
  4. Tutorials & others (software installation, interesting links, etc.).
  5. Examples (pieces of documentary, images, etc.).
  6. To deepen
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